About Oromia Writers Association

The Oromia Writers’ Association (OWA) was founded in 2010 G.C by a group of writers of Afaan Oromoo literary writing.

The main reason why the association was needed;   

  • To help the authors, who are rich in knowledge, but have no finances
  • To work tirelessly in order to develop the necessary facilities for Afaan Oromoo, which has been a typical vehicle for the expansion of Oromoo literature
  • To selflessly assist in all possible ways the publication of the books authored or prepared in Afaan Oromoo.
  • To protect and benefit the rights of professionals without the influence of politics, religion, ethnicity, language and gender
  • To create a situation conducive to the expansion, development and prosperity of literature in the country in order to satisfy the society’s need for literature

Work Accomplished by OWA:

  • Founded a magazine called “Egeree”
  • A book called “Namummaa” published by a group of Oromoo Writers.
  • Published 5 different books on behalf authors who are rich in knowledge but have a financial problem
  • Participated on different humanitarian assistance.
  • Working with main streaming medias to create public awareness
  • Organized public fund raising for one of the founding member of OWA, Author Gaaddisaa Birruu while he was sick. Furthermore, his Afan Oromo literature works were reviewed and presented for public and his contribution in Oromo literature were also opened for media.
  • Participated in a workshop organized by Ambo University for the establishment of Loret Tsegaye G/medhin Study Center and contributed 50 different books.
  • Opened one of its branch in Shashamane city.
  • In progress to establish its 3rd branch in Ambo City.

Developing Clarity, Quality and aesthetics of Oromo literature.

Oromia Writers Association assists and patrons writers who write diversified literature in Afan Oromo or other languages, with the vision to make Afan Oromo competitive literature language worldwide.

Making Oromia the hub to various literature forms and enabling the Afan Oromo literature fo fulfill the basic literature elements in order to be translated and reach out to the globe.

Developing different techniques to ensure the growth of Afaan Oromo literature, Safu (Moral Code), tradition and folklore.

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