Firaol Fiqiru
Firaol Fiqiru
Firaol Fiqiru



1) Joora Saafaa Keessaa

2) Obbo Joobiriifi Kanneen biroo


Firaol Fiqiru was born on April 25, 1991 in Naqamte town. During his time in primary and secondary school, he was involved in various writing and art activities. He especially composed various poems and presented them in school mini-media and at various programs.

While pursuing his high school education, he was involved in the Abdii Borii club in Naqamte town, which was established by young amateur musicians and writers.

In 2010, he joined Jimma University for his higher education. In 2015, he completed his B.Sc. program in Civil Engineering. During his stay on campus, he developed a passion for reading different novels and trying to write his own. After a long struggle, in 2018, he published his first book, a novel called “JOORA SAAFAA KEESSAA”. His book has become very popular with readers. It also won the ODA Award for Best Book of the Year.

  • He then published a collection of short stories entitled “Obbo Joobiriifi Kanneen biro.” It has also become a favorite among readers and got a recognition award for the growth of Oromo Art from ODA AWARD. Firaol Fiqiru is an engineer in the construction industry, but he also keeps up with his passion, which is writing.

Oromia Writers Association


May 2022



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